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Bishopswood Village Hall

Bookings: Tel: 01600 890087 or Email via Contact Form

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Trustee Information

The Bishopswood Village Hall Trust was established in 1966 and has since been managed by a small group of Trustees.

Recently the way the Hall is managed has been restructured providing a vehicle for individuals to focus on areas where they have more interest. The Steering Committee now focusses on governence and forward planning, while sub-committees concentrate on specific operational areas. Due to a reduction in Trustee numbers during 2015, there is temporarily only one sub-committe in operation - Maintenance.

Each of the committees meet regularly and you are always welcome as a member of the public to attend and participate in any of these small friendly groups which are:

Steering Comittee - Chair Cathie Hatherall telephone: 01594 861076
Maintenance Sub-committee - Chair Barry Pimblett email:

If you are interested in becoming a Trustee of Bishopswood Village Hall any of the above would be happy to help.


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