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Bishopswood Village Hall

Bookings: Tel: 01600 890087 or Email via Contact Form

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The Friends of Bishopswood Village Hall is a newly formed group who have a special interest in helping the hall meet it's charitable aims. Friends do what ever they can to promote the usage of the hall, organise or help out at events, or simply attend events.

Friends of Bishopswood Village Hall receive an exclusive regular email of the events being organised at the hall and any help that may be required. The Friends may assist by:

  • Setting up and clearing away tables and chairs for an event.
  • Put up poster advertising the event.
  • Tell their friends about the event and what else is happening at the hall.
  • Doing some gardening or maintenance work when required.
  • Provide skills training for Trustees.
  • Provide support to the Trustees organising the event.
  • Bake cakes for the event.
  • Organising a speaker or band for the event.
  • Lead the organising of an event for the hall.
  • Etc - the list is endless!
A Friend can put in as much time as they wish - obviousley the more the better, but there is no obligation or minimum requirement - They may help or provide assistance/organisation to one or more events a year. It's a great way of ensuring the halls success and spreading the load.

Being a Friend is also a gentle way of learning more about how the hall operates, and whats involved in being a Trustee.

If you want to know more about being a Friend of Bishopswood Village Hall contact Gloria on 01600 890087.

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